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Testosterone Only

Men, Eating

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Our Johnny Debt: The Offspring

Ed Westwick, standing on the shoulders of the original homewrecker. Just with much shorter hair.

Metals, stripes, lush knits. Textures/prints envoking weathered cargo. It’s noon at the pub, and this here sailor just rolled in with an unexpected afternoon off. 

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Our Johnny Debt: Archetypal Grunge

"Johnny invented grunge," claims director John Waters. "I don’t remember a movie star with that look before him." There is, indeed, a dirty sweetness about the actor; his unkempt, soulful slouch has combined with his dry disregard for the rougher shoals of machismo to deconstruct the very notion of male glamour.

Loves him some double necklace. And LOVES him some man jewelry. Nie way to use grunge as influence for non-precious stone (“bling”) man-details, like leather, sterling silver, chain, etc.

Currently “90’s” is trendy- but he’s been styling himself this way for 20+ years and still can communicate “cool” without the Try.

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Minus the Socks

Street Peeper, helpful for searching brand names and seeing how they fare in reality.

Copenhagen seems to have the right balance of minimal and coziness.

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To Do: Search and Absorb

Photography of prep looks from 1960s! I’m sold.

Or get a quick fix here

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"Ivy Leagues Under the Sea"

“Organic Futurist”

“Posiedon, Ex-Patriot”

Working Listicle: Title for Dorn Style
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The New New Silhouette

Love how he makes “relaxed” seem futuristic (Stefano Pilati, designer for YSL)

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Q: “What Should I Buy at J Crew?”

A: “Anything that reminds me of Hermes!”

Designer Veronique Nichanian continues to steer the men’s line with the simple conviction that men want memorable clothes more than they want fashion.

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Dress Up

Moschino’s got a “pop” look- love to see you in something that is just a tad ironic for formal wear.

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At Ease with Disinterest